Our Teachers

Christine Conradie

Christine is passionate about potential, both physically and spiritually and she likes to incorporate her love of the body and of healing into her yoga classes, so chances are you will focus on building strength one week, to aligning the body mind complex, the next week. Christine is trained in Hatha Yoga and is a Holistic Therapist of many modalities. Classes are suitable for all levels. Overall her focus is on strength, balance, of helping the body to de-stress and of realigning ourselves to Self.
“Mudita…. The pleasure of others’ good fortune….”

Lisa Holzer

Lisa is a yoga teacher who started her yoga journey as a search for something beyond intellectual understanding and as she surrendered to the process, the path led her to teaching and what she found was a deep internal source of Divine Love and Acceptance of Self. Lisa is trained in Hatha and Transformational Yoga and combines both in her Yoga classes, working through the Asanas and giving them a more spiritual and meditative feel. For her, Yoga is a healing journey...a gift to stop, to listen and to honour Self and as a Holistic Therapist, she is passionate about working with all five levels of the body, especially the energy body, incorporating into her classes her love for chakras, meridians, meditation and positive affirmations to help students to awaken to their true identity of love and light and returning to wholeness.

Nozipho Ncube

Nozi is a young lady who is very passionate about yoga and loves sharing her experience through teaching, allowing students to connect deeply with themselves and feeling the beauty of yoga changing their lives. She is very grounded and her strength comes from her family and those around her. Seeing the growth in herself and her students keeps her going and makes her want to offer more and more yoga. She loves working on strength, both physical and spiritual and how to control the breath and your mind. If you want to challenge yourself come try one of her classes.

Gloria Dey

This intuitive, compassionate, motivating and engaging Hatha teacher strives to bring her authentic Self to every practice. She combines the healing modalities she has studied over the years to create a safe space for Self-healing and Transformation by weaving her training in Reflexology, Reiki, Transformational ILS Coaching and Yin Yoga into every practice. Whilst experiencing a very stressful and life changing event in 2009, Gloria found her way into a yoga studio on a Sunday morning. Suddenly emotionally overwhelmed as she made her way to her mat, the words “I’m Home” resonated through the very core of her BEing – These profound words have been and will always be the motivating force behind deepening her yoga practice and wanting to facilitate others finding their way “Home” too. Having finally found the vehicle she would use to assist and facilitate others to find Self- Healing and transform their lives, she completed her teacher training under the gentle guidance of Ma Akash, Shakti Yoga. Her gentle Hatha practice of “stilling the mind, to open the body and connect with the essence of life”, brings a deep spiritual connection to her classes. If finding “Love’s Devine” is the reason you’ve shown up on your mat, then sharing the space with Gloria in her classes is where you belong.

Kim Rudolph-Furweger

Kim is a Hatha Yoga teacher and completed her training with Indie Yoga. Her journey started after a failed bunion operation and a few successful reconstructive surgeries. Kim fell in love with yoga and the self-healing effects of regular, continuous practice it has on the physical, spiritual and mental integration in her life. Kim is an aesthetician and her passion for yoga and beauty blend into her life creating a harmonious balance. Her aim is to make all students feel welcome and give them an amazing journey and discovery of introspection. Kim inspires the 5 Elements Of A Blissful Yoga Practice in a subtle manner.

Lexi Meier

Lexi’s love for Yoga comes from a life-time interest in embodied knowledge. Growing up around her Yoga Teacher Grandmother, an MA in theatre and choreography, her 200-hour Indie Yoga Teacher Training and becoming a Certified TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercise) Provider, all feed a deep passion for relating to other people and holding a loving, accepting space. Teaching Yin, Yin-TRE Fusion, TRE, Hatha and Flow has influenced Lexi’s teaching approach. To Lexi, Yoga is a doorway to process, joy and laughter, tears, shaking it off, moments of deep connection to sensation and self and facilitates a broadening of your window of tolerance for life’s curve balls.

Lisa Holzer and Stacey Fraser

Lisa and Stacey are the Directors and founders of Transformational Yoga South Africa , they trained under Swami Vidyanand, the founder of  the Srima Transformational Yoga System, in India.  We are passionate about spreading and sharing this beautiful practice, as Self transformation is the key to Universal transformation.